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Fintech District is an open ecosystem that wants to represent the Italian fintech community. Created in 2017 by SELLALAB and Copernico, it aims to foster the development of Italian and European fintech companies, and to support the growth of the financial ecosystem of the future.

Fintech District aggregates leading Italian operators and leading technology, media and capital partners for the development of the industry, by promoting collaboration, competition, service interoperability and open innovation.


25 maggio 2018 Di sellalab in News

Know Your Customer for real, on the 6th of June

Know Your Customer – for real is the title of the meeting organized by AssoFintech and Enhancers with the aim of opening a window on the experience of Incumbents, Startups Fintech and Technology Companies in designing solutions that combine the levels of UX achieved by financial services with compliance with regulatory requirements using Know Your
22 maggio 2018 Di sellalab in News

B-Hive and Fintech District meet to create synergies

With ten pitches of fintech startups and the signature of a “Memorandum of Understanding”, on May 17th, B-Hive and the Fintech District have shortened the distances between Belgium and Italy, officially starting a series of joint activities, aimed at the joint development of both fintech ecosystems. With this event, which was also attended by Frank
18 maggio 2018 Di sellalab in News

GIMME5: interview with Flavio Talarico, Product Manager

Big news coming soon for Gimme5 customers. Flavio Talarico, product manager, has anticipated some of them: ”We will give soon the opportunity to accumulate their savings starting from the very small everyday expenses, going to intercept the rounding of any type of transaction. We will also give the opportunity to supply the Gimme5 account going


This event, organized by Assofintech and Enhancers, is targeted at all professionals in the finance industry, especially at decision and policy makers. The speeches hosted by Fintech District will be focused on the KYC (Know Your Customer) process optimized by both legal and user experience points of view. If you are interested in regulations and onboarding best practices for real, sign you up!

Let’s speak about the status of the art of the Fintech Action Plan of the European Commission! In this event representatives from Consob and the Ministry of Economy and Finance will discuss with players of the Italian FinTech about the benefits for the companies in this sector, how capital markets will co-exist with the banking system and what critical steps may arise in rolling out the Action Plan for the Capital Markets Union.
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The Italian Fintech Ecosystem is still lagging far behind the vast majority of developed countries both in terms of capital invested and general status of the industry (number of Fintech startups established in the country, aggregate revenues generated and international presence). In this context, the Fintech District wants to be a place where all the Italian stakeholders that work within the financial sector can meet and work together to foster the development of the industry and commit their competences for the achievement of a greater systemic competitive advantage.

We believe that banking and financial activities are at a time of great change that, if properly acquired and valued by entrepreneurs, incumbent and regulators, can drive the revolution in the industry and the engine of economic development.


Network & community

Promoting engagement and collaboration between fintech players, corporates, financial institutions and regulators through events and by spreading the latest news of the sector!

Connecting the dots

Supporting business opportunities and market growth within the national ecosystem and through relations with other global Fintech Hubs!


Providing private offices, flexible workspaces and coworking desks in the new financial district of Milan!

We are looking for fintech operators to join the ecosystem!

If you want to contribute to the growth of the ecosystem by joining the community or by providing valuable services related to compliance, financial know-how, technology and growth capital, you are invited to contact us.


The Fintech District is a project promoted jointly by SELLALAB and Copernico aimed at fostering the growth of the Italian Fintech Ecosystem.

Its headquarter is based at Copernico Isola for S32, the dynamic business hub located in the hearth of Milan’s new financial district between Piazza Gae Aulenti and the Garibaldi Railway Station. Not only private offices, coworking or meeting rooms, but also a library, a rooftop garden and a bistro-cafè: designed to offer a new professional experience fostering business opportunities, collaboration, flow of new ideas and network development within an increasingly international context.


Wavenure is an independent company that combine A.I. and quantitative methods to investment decision making, offering A.I. investment decision tools, trading strategies and portfolio management solutions to asset managers, and investment firm via APIs.
Wavenure is also bringing strategies and portfolio services to individuals, to provide online guidance helping people to make informed decisions on investments.
Its aim is to become a robo-advisor and provide A.I. fueled investment plans through a simple, online, engaging experience.

Twitter: @wavenure


GaiaGO is a Mobility gatherer platform focused on the distribution of insurance products, aiming to offer a boost to sharing mobility models embedded into the territory.
This startup combine the functions essential to everyone in a single tool: comparing car sharing and offering all the mobility solutions available in the area, from public transport to private, from car sharing to taxi and bike sharing.
The platform will be able to suggest different mobility



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