Brains Group: interview with Nicola Occhinegro

Brains Group is a financial advisory for companies and corporations. It has been a fintech company right from its beginning thanks to its automatic evaluation system which allows for the collecting of data in all Italian and European databases for the evaluation of credit quality.

Brains Group is aimed at companies billing from a few million to a couple of hundreds of millions of euros, helping them to make management control in finance and financial marketing so as to allow them to present themselves in the best way possible to the financial community. It also supports them in searching for forms of financing that are best suited to the market situation and their growth prospects.

For several months, as CEO Nicola Occhinegro has pointed out, this company has implemented, “the first portal in Italy, and perhaps also in Europe, that delivers these very complex services in a simplified and digital way”.

Companies can register with a click and get reports in a few hours. “There is also the possibility to share these reports via a link through Whatsapp with all stakeholders communicating their financial situation, credit rating and credit standing – adds Occhinegro – In addition to the reports, other important documents we produce are also provided, such as the management presentation, which helps to present the brand of companies to financial stakeholders “.

At the end of 2018 Brains Group became part of the Fintech District community and in the coming months aims to lead the Italian market in the digitization of the processes of financialization of companies, processes and services related to the financial world of Italian corporates

At present, this company does not operate abroad but is interested in what happens in the most advanced markets from the fintech point of view. “One of our main sources of information is the central credit register of the Bank of Italy – explains Occhinegro – for this reason, we are analyzing the central credit registers of various European countries, so as to then replicate our model in some other countries. We are particularly interested in Germany and Spain “.

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Author: Fintech District

16 Gennaio 2019