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Milan Fintech Summit 2024

Publication date: 2024-02-15Reading time: 4 minutes
Crowd gathered at Milan Fintech Summit

On October 8-9 the Milan Fintech Summit is coming back for its fifth edition, continuing its commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of financial services – and not only. As in the past four years, the fifth edition aims to bring together the most relevant and influencing fintech experts and companies at national and international level, giving them the opportunity to showcase their innovations and solutions, meeting investors, stakeholders, customers, and making Milano one of the European referral markets for the industry’s development and growth. It was born with the mission to position Italy as a leading country for innovation in Europe, to highlight the relevance of the Italian fintech ecosystem, to help it grow internationally and to attract investments. The event is organized and promoted by Fintech District and Business International – Fiera Milano and this year it will be held at the Allianz MiCo, Milano. Last year, Milan Fintech Summit hosted more than 110 speakers and there were more than 1300 registered people from 540 different companies and 32 booths filled the expo area. 

Thanks to its ability to attract innovation, Milan continues to play a central role in the evolution of the industry. At the end of 2023, the fintech scenario in Italy had 622 companies in the sector - 35% of which are already making profits - with +60% growth in revenues on average. Milan Fintech Summit is not only an event for fintech companies, but it is also an opportunity for traditional financial companies and corporates to understand, meet and explore the fintech world and its endless innovation opportunities.


2024 format

Following 2022 cinema and 2023 literature inspiration, 2024 will be the year of Music. Smells Like Fintech Spirit: this is the main claim for the fifth edition of the Milan Fintech Summit. Each session will refer to the title of a well-known song and each speaker and delegate will be asked to share his/her favourite song to build the Milan Fintech Summit Playlist.​

Think and act as if you were a fintech company. Open collaboration and embedded finance are shaping a new way of doing finance and affect companies from every industry, no longer just from the financial services world. Adding fintech solutions and products is the way to be the best-in-class and to offer customers frictionless and seamless experiences. Indeed, the event will host speakers and guests not only from the financial world, to prove it through concrete use cases.

​For the first time, this year there will be also two roadshow dates in Rome (April 18) and Reggio Emilia (June 25) to spread the fintech spirit all over Italy, while preparing the floor for leading experts and international names in Milano​.

As with the last edition, there will be sessions and spaces dedicated to students, to explore fintech education and all the career opportunities from the industry. Moreover, there will be a dedicated session to create connections and partnerships between fintech companies and investors.

Following the spirit and goals of MFS, the sessions of the event will delve into the technological changes and market trends that are shaping the Fintech ecosystem at an international level, to highlight the main topic and trends from the industry and to offer different perspectives and ideas from the world.

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