On top of recurring networking events, we organise and host workshops on fintech-related topics as well as a private "demo day" for matching corporates and fintechs. Sharing knowledge also increases networking opportunities!


Event: 10-07-2018

Capital Markets Union: Fintech

Capital Markets Union: Fintech Action Plan Organized by Epic SIM In this workshop we will assess the status of the art of the Fintech Action...


Event: 06-06-2018

Know Your Customer –

Know Your Customer – for real. Regulations and onboarding best practices Organized by AssoFintech + Enhancers The event is targeted at all professionals in the...


Event: 10-07-2018

Fintech District community meets

Fintech District community meets Cerved: welcome and new opportunities Organized by Cerved and Fintech District Fintech ecosystem needs always more synergies to grow up, especially...


Event: 23-05-2018

A.I. between Myth and

A.I. between myth and reality Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and we are all involved in a profound change. Captivating conversations are taking place about the...


Fintech district is more

Not only events, meetings, workshops and networking appointments: Fintech District represents a bridge to other countries for national operators and a soft-landing platform to attract new opportunities in Italy.