On top of recurring networking events, we organise and host workshops on fintech-related topics as well as a private "demo day" for matching corporates and fintechs. Sharing knowledge also increases networking opportunities!


Event: 23-05-2018

A.I. between Myth and

A.I. between myth and reality Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and we are all involved in a profound change. Captivating conversations are taking place about the...


Event: 08-05-2018

Deloitte EMEA Fintech Talks

The impact of open banking from the point of view of Banks, Fintechs and customers. Let’s discover the experiences of the most important players and...


Event: 05-04-2018

Syndicate Investing: aka how

Syndicate Investing: aka how co-investing foster startup ecosystem Main focus of this event is to analyse the co-investment approach in venture and seed capital operations,...


Event: 04-04-2018

Open Banking and the

'Open Banking' and the Open Up Challenge: Opportunities for Italian start-ups in the UK market, and the latest innovation in SME fintech. This event is...


Fintech district is more

Not only events, meetings, workshops and networking appointments: Fintech District represents a bridge to other countries for national operators and a soft-landing platform to attract new opportunities in Italy.