On top of recurring networking events, we organise and host workshops on fintech-related topics as well as a private "demo day" for matching corporates and fintechs. Sharing knowledge also increases networking opportunities!


Event: 22-03-2018

Regtech: opportunities and challenges

Regulatory environments across Europe is characterized by high levels of scrutiny and complexity, therefore successfully complying with the multitude of regulations can be a complex,...


Event: 16-03-2018

Digital Payments: how safe

An occasion to speak with the leading market operators in the field of digital payments and cybersecurity, focused on the implication that may come out...


Event: 21-02-2018

Equity Crowdfunding: news, numbers,

An appointment to discover everything there is to know about the new legislation concerning Equity Crowdfunding and the expected impact on the sector growth. With...


Event: 08-02-2018

Investire nel 2018: la

Giovedì 8 febbraio vieni a conoscere Moneyfarm al Fintech District. Discuteremo della nuova normativa europea MiFID II e del suo impatto sui risparmiatori con il...


Fintech district is more

Not only events, meetings, workshops and networking appointments: Fintech District represents a bridge to other countries for national operators and a soft-landing platform to attract new opportunities in Italy.