Claider is increasingly international. In 2020 it reach the USA!

Internationalize to be a cut above or wait? This is one of the questions Claider asked the geniuses during the spring edition of House of Genius, an exclusive and international business game we chose to bring to Italy. In this interview, Francesco Bertani, Founder and CEO, tells us about his experience as a startup taking part in the event as well as the latest news from Claider.

Why did you choose to take part in House of Genius?

“The more you are in the thing, the less you see the thing,” says a Zen proverb. What I wanted, and what I got, was a different point of view, or rather more points of view regarding some key factors necessary for the development of our project. When you are involved in and work head on a project you can lose the vision of new opportunities. An external look on the other hand, even though forced simplification, transmits new creative energies.

How will the Genius’ advice help you? Will you apply any of it?

Just the reception of such different suggestions immediately triggered new ideas on how to approach the priorities of the Claider project. This was exactly the contribution I was looking for, and am satisfied with it. We are considering, together with our internal staff, whether to apply at least a couple of really interesting tips.

How is Claider doing today?

Claider is doing just fine. It’s a pioneer product and, as such, it has to deal with a world that talks a lot about digital but in actual reality is still hesitant to change. It understands the transition to Digital is not only to dematerialize procedures but above all to make a leap towards other paradigms, another modus operandi. This can frighten and I understand the feeling. Currently, we have about ten intermediary partners with about 35,000 Apps downloaded, but the agenda is full of appointments.

Have you implemented the English version? Any further step towards internationalization? Which market is most attractive?

Internationalisation is one of the priority objectives, in fact, we also wanted to ask the geniuses if expansion abroad could act as a driving force for the domestic market. Currently, the Claider App is in an English and French version and the sites are also being translated and published. The Claider team is now also international and has acquired native English, French and German speaking resources. First of all, we would like to go to the UK and Ireland, then to Switzerland, France, Germany and in 2020 to the USA.

Do you have any more news coming?

Freshly published in stores is the version of the App Claider with the module of video expertise and video inspection incorporated. And now the App is Tap & Claim & Adjust, so it offers the possibility to those who make a complaint to request the evaluation of the damage remotely by the experts appointed by the insurance, without physically receiving the expert, as per tradition, thus directly through the application. Even for an expert, the use of the Claider platform for video surveys is an advantage: it already knows who is interested, avoids having to carry out the survey and guarantees great flexibility. It is definitely a classic case in which demand meets supply, digitally, on the Claider platform.

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Lokky: interview with Paolo Tanfoglio

Lokky is an innovative startup that aims to serve micro and small entrepreneurs by offering specific insurance products for their business. Thanks to new technologies, this startup is able to analyze the needs of customers, understand their real insurance needs and make completely automatic matchings of the best products to cover the specific risks of their business.

CEO Paolo Tanfoglio explains the goal is to enter the market during the second quarter of 2019: “we are closing a round of fundraising of 300,000 euros and we aim to raise a further one and a half million capital in 2019 to support the growth of the activity “.

Lokky currently addresses small Italian entrepreneurs: professionals, freelancers, small traders, and specialized workers. The idea, however, adds Tanfoglio, “is to expand, enter the European market and continue to use the same technological platform to understand the insurance needs of customers”.

Last autumn, Lokky, became part of the Fintech District community with the aim of dealing with other similar companies, “both with startups working on the same customer segment, to have commercial synergies, and with other startups that can have functional technologies for our project to optimally serve our customers with new technologies”.

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Claider: interview with Francesco Bertani

Claider is the first platform dealing only with claims management. This startup, which joined the Fintech District community last October, offers insurance-as-a-service solution. At present, Claider only works in Italy. However, by the end of the year, it will also be present in the UK and in Northern Ireland and in the coming months it aims to reach other European countries as well as the main western countries where an already well developed insurance market can be found.

Claider provides both an app and a web platform. As the founder Francesco Bertani explains, “the app helps the user, personified by a normal insured person, to report any kind of damage. The web platform, accessible via browser, helps all those who have to manage the accident such as claims office and insurance specialists.

Encouraged by the strong interest stirred amongst many players in the insurance industry, Claider will soon be on the market with a derivation of its platform. It will remain for claims management but totally dedicated to condominium administrators and car fleet managers.

The entry into the Fintech District community for Claider means “becoming part of the reality that nowadays aggregates all the companies seeking innovation, both in the financial sector and in the insurance sector – explains Bertani – In fact, the remaining part of our country looks at Fintech District as an open window looking to the future”.

After attending the Salone dei Pagamenti, Bertani and his team will focus, in the next few months, on insurance brokerage events during which they will have the opportunity to present Claider directly to brokers and agents supporting them in their institutional events around Italy.

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