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16 Giu 21

How Flywallet gained the attention of LBS Advisory & Investments

At CES 2021 it unveiled its contactless payment wearable and attracted the interest of major investors such as LBS Advisory & Investments. We asked Flywallet...

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08 Giu 21

The Digital Business Assistant by CashDirector

CashDirector is an artificial intelligence enabled and cloud-based digital platform that offers a Digital Business Assistant to MSMEs – mainly small firms, micro companies and...

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07 Giu 21

Amsterdam FinTech Week 2021

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 26 May 2021  – Amsterdam Fintech Week, in short XFW, running from 4th to 11th of June,...

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01 Giu 21

Descartes, an insurtech against natural...

Descartes is a French fintech that puts itself forward to monitor fires in real time and to compensate clients transparently...

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25 Mag 21, ecommerce for SMEs in...

To find out what is all about we interviewed Evgeny Kaplin CEO & co-founder. This is what he told us...

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19 Mag 21

SWITCHO, conquering the banks’ customer...

Switcho is aimed at a B2C clientele, but also at small enterprises and VAT registered companies, and offers a service...

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Fintech district is more

Not only events, initiatives, big companies and startups: Fintech District represents a bridge to other countries!