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18 Apr 19

SalaryFits: interview with Moacir Giansante

SalaryFits is a fintech focused on financial wellbeing and sustainability that puts itself forward as an innovative channel aimed at providing value to individuals through...

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15 Apr 19

financeAds: an opportunity for future unicorns

A collaboration between Fintech District and financeAds has started. What are the reasons for which this news can affect those who belong to the Italian fintech ecosystem? Let's find out...

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10 Apr 19

Rationis: interview with Marco Vicinanza

Rationis is an innovative startup offering the financial world advisory and application solutions to support the process of building and...

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08 Apr 19

Fintech Nights. Trends, Insights and...

As a challenge to Milan's too bright sky and busy diaries, the Fintech District team is offering a series of...

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03 Apr 19

Distribute mutual funds through the...

A come A will distribute mutual funds in Italy through the blockchain. This feature has been tested on Gimme5, the company’s...

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01 Apr 19

Is modefinance looking to the...

modefinance is a fintech rating agency that assesses the credit risk of companies at an international level. It owns the...

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