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20 Jan 20

Mapping Milan Fintech with Endeavor

"Mapping Milan Fintech" is the new study through which the Endeavor Insights team analyzed the fintech landscape in Milan: the presence of startups, their growth,...

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16 Jan 20

Artificial intelligence in the future of fintech

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly important player and is transforming and strengthening many sectors of our ecosystem, including the financial and insurance ones. We asked...

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13 Jan 20

OpenAI: interview with Gennaro Calì

OpenAI has joined the Fintech District community to grow and become one of the leading players in the industry. Gennaro...

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08 Jan 20

BCG: interview with Carlo Bravin

BCG has joined our fintech community as a corporate member. Carlo Bravin, Principal of Boston Consulting Group, tells how this...

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07 Jan 20

Wavenure in the UK thanks...

Wavenure has been selected as part of the Global Startup Program launched by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and...

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17 Dec 19

Flex Tax: interview with Fabio...

Flex Tax is a Turin startup focused on the management of VAT accounting of the Forfeitory Regime. It recently joined...

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