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24 Feb 21

#Fintech Expert, fintech explained by Fabrizio Villani

#Fintech Expert, Fabrizio Villani's book, presented as "A guide to the revolution taking place in the fintech world" and enriched by the testimonies of the protagonists,...

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16 Feb 21

BTrees, 360-degree digital marketing for the fintech world

Btrees was born in 2015 in the context of SellaLab with a verticality on social media marketing. Over the years, however, it has grown and...

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11 Feb 21, a fintech born in... is a fintech credit dedicated to consumer credit automation that uses Open Banking (PSD2) as its data source. CEO...

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09 Feb 21

Invest T as it grows...

Invest T is an online real estate Platform with the aim to connect investors and operators to participate to common...

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04 Feb 21

Valore Condiviso: interview with Alberto...

Valore Condiviso is an innovative and sustainable project that aims to create value through real estate crowdfunding and share it...

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02 Feb 21

Corptape, story-telling startups and connecting...

Corptape is a platform that connects startups of all kinds with investors of all kinds. It collects information from startups...

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