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27 Feb 20

How to be a leader for growth, according to Judith Eberl

Lots of articles and guides for learning to be a leader, in life and at work appear. There is probably no one way, no one answer for...

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24 Feb 20

CheckSig: Transparent Bitcoin Custody

CheckSig handles the storage of bitcoin, the digital equivalent of gold. It is a service offeder to institutional investors, financial institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and in...

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20 Feb 20

Third Fintech Nights: let’s talk...

The third edition of Fintech Nights, scheduled for March 3rd, will be dedicated to Proptech. On the rooftop of "Copernico...

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18 Feb 20

Open Banking for fintechs: is...

Open banking is one of the most pronounced words in the fintech sector.  In 2020 we should see concrete results...

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13 Feb 20

Mapping Milan Fintech with Endeavor

Mapping Milan Fintech is a unique study, carried out by Endeavor Italy, which analyzes not only the presence of fintech...

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11 Feb 20

Walliance goes to France For Walliance, 2019 was a splendid year, raising 61% of capital compared to 2018 and preparing for the launch...

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Fintech district is more

Not only events, initiatives, big companies and startups: Fintech District represents a bridge to other countries!