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19 Sep 19

UX 4 Fintech: 1st point of the Enhancers Decalogue

Before the summer we presented you the decalogue that our technical partner Enhancers created for our community, to explain how and why UX is essential...

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16 Sep 19

PENTA: interview with Bruno Reggiani

Penta is a smart banking for SMEs that allows you to proceed in signing a banking contract online. It relies on the banking license of...

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12 Sep 19

Taxation and internalization: tips by...

If an Italian fintech startup wants to face the process of internationalization, it must also think about what will happen...

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09 Sep 19

HIPAY: interview with Paola Trecarichi

Hipay is a global payment provider. Thanks to its solutions, e-commerce and retailers can give their users the possibility to...

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05 Sep 19

Why are fintechs expanding to...

Did you know… Australia is in its 28th consecutive year of economic growth (a record for uninterrupted growth among developed...

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02 Sep 19

Fintech Nights #2, this time...

An exclusive evening of training as well as fun, to explore the opportunities and challenges of insurtech. This is the...

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