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31 Gen 23

Crypto-assets: a new framework with uncertain edges

The draft of 2023 budget law finally fills the regulatory gap on cryptocurrencies or "crypto-assets"; the new and more organic regulations concern the treatment of...

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13 Dic 22

Opyn Pay Later: BNPL solution for the B2B market

Interview with Antonio Lafiosca, Co-Founder & COO at Opyn What is the need from which Opyn Pay Later was born and who is it aimed...

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05 Dic 22

Interview with Lexia Avvocati: the...

Lexia Avvocati is an independent law firm with extensive knowledge and experience in fintech, blockchain technology and Decentralized Finance (DeFi)...

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30 Nov 22

EU Digital Finance Platform Interview with Christine Mai, Digital Finance Unit, European Commission Earlier this year, the European Commission launched...

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28 Nov 22

Mastercard and Treezor expand strategic...

This agreement reinforces a 5-year partnership and confirms Société Générale and Mastercard determination to support the rapid growth of Treezor...

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15 Nov 22

Selfrent and its new digital...

Renting is a service designed to help companies innovate and equip themselves with technologies to run their business in a...

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