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16 Mar 20

Fintech for Smart Workers

While smart working was becoming more and more widespread, and the fintech sector was certainly among the most pioneering from...

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12 Mar 20

Bitandcoffee combines tradition and innovation...

Bitandcoffee is the new digital personal and company accounting solution for the next era of easy tax and innovative banking...

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10 Mar 20

Revolut, the 5.5 billion euro...

Round of D series for Revolut, a fintech company founded in London, which reaches a valuation of 5.5 billion dollars...

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05 Mar 20

Why will fintech make the...

As founder and CEO of Soisy, Pietro Cesati made time to write a book and provocatively entitled it "Manifesto of...

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Fintech district is more

Not only events, initiatives, big companies and startups: Fintech District represents a bridge to other countries!