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14 Jan 19

Mirware: interview with Corrado Roccazzella

Mirware is a company that deals with business intelligence applied to the world of interbank transactions. It extracts value-added information related...

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11 Jan 19

Equity crowdfunding: what’s new?

It's the right time to talk about Equity Crowdfunding and we’ll do it on the 24th of January, during the first appointment...

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07 Jan 19

K Linx: interview with Mario...

K Linx is an innovative platform for payment reconciliation. It deals with those processes that are normally carried out by the...

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21 Dec 18

Talent Day, with the Politecnico...

Five companies selected by the Fintech District each prepared a on which more than 40 students from the Politecnico...

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Fintech district is more

Not only events, initiatives, big companies and startups: Fintech District represents a bridge to other countries!